Sandhills-Sanford Chapter

chapter leadership

April Eads - President
Mark Bouchier - Vice President
Brenda Barger - Secretary
Naomi Ulrich - Treasurer

Meeting Location TBD

Chapter Meeting Notice

The Sandhills Chapter will meet on Tuesday, August 29, 2017, location TBD. President, James P. Upton, III will be speaking on Installment Agreements. The Sandhills/Sanford Chapter meets the last Thursday each month. For more information contact April Eads at

chapter meeting notes

NCSA President Elect James Upton was on hand to install officers;
April Eads President, Mark Bouchier Vice-president, Naomi Ulrich Treasurer, and Brenda Barger Secretary.

The chapter discussed upcoming meetings and James Upton talked about NCSA and the necessity of member recruiting and supporting the QAR program.

In addition, the members had a roundtable of tax and accounting topics.

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